the try of appreciate the time

now, I wont to tell about my desire in my life. really, I will always make my family is happy. but, I don't know that my destination . as child, I just take apart from my parents.. and try with what I have..    I like korean , and to date I still loved korean cinema and its song . many reason why I like it? first, any the boy band  k-pop is like it such us suju, 2pm,shinee,and then best. they are very cute boy from korean. .. now, I wish go there. see that seoul its comfortable, and really any an winter... oghhhhhh!! god!! my mother don't like me about korean, why? korean its good. my mother doesn't know about korean . the all my friends know about me  as korean girl... ahahahha,,, I like it friends... okelahh,,,  byeee.. see youu
then , korea its magic .... the unique write all right...

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